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About Us

A-Lite Vein Locator


The A-lite vein locator is a non-invasive lightweight device that illuminates blood in veins to enable clinicians to insert cannulas with high accuracy and minimal failed insertion attempts.

This device is designed to be used on pediatric patients whose veins are especially difficult for clinicians to palpate. This device therefore saves critical treatment time and reduced the pain associated with finding and inserting a canula in a proper vein. Moreover, minimizing the number of insertion attempts reduces the risk of clinical complications such as hemorrhage due to unintended tissue trauma.

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Core Values

We embrace and promote: Innovation, Teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity and Transparency.


To improve the quality of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa through innovation and applied research.


To be the leading social enterprise addressing healthcare challenges in Africa with home-grown solutions.

"Building affordable healthcare products grounded in the African context."

Our Professional members


Wambui G. Nyabero

CTO – Villgro Africa

Winnie W Kibiru

Technical Analyst – Villgro Africa

Phillipa N Makobore

Healthcare Innovator

Dr Francis Bajunirwe

Chairman MUST-REC

Dr. Data Santorino – Medical Mentor

CAMTech Uganda – Country Director.

Prof. Jerome Kabakyenga

Director – MNCHI at MUST.