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About Us


The A-Lite vein locator

The A-Lite vein locator provides easy access to patient veins and reduces the number of attempts and duration needed to obtain venous access in difficult cases.

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Core Values

We embrace and promote: Innovation, Teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity and Transparency.


To improve the quality of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa through innovation and applied research.


To be the leading social enterprise addressing healthcare challenges in Africa with home-grown solutions.

"Building affordable healthcare products grounded in the African context."


Meet Our Mentors

Wambui G. Nyabero

CTO – Villgro Africa

Winnie W Kibiru

Technical Analyst – Villgro Africa

Phillipa N Makobore

Healthcare Innovator

Dr. Francis Bajunirwe

Chairperson MUST-REC

Dr. Data Santorino

Country Director – CAMTech Uganda

Prof. Jerome Kabakyenga

Director – MNCHI at MUST.