Market Research and Collection of End-user Feedback

The A-Lite Uganda Team represented by Dr Julius Mubiru, the project coordinator and Paul Gusimba, the Hardware Design Engineer visited Alexandra Medical Centre and spoke to Dr Lubega Robert (Medical Doctor & Assistant Secretary General of Uganda Medical Association).

The visit was aimed at market research and collection of End-user feedback regarding the feasibility and acceptaility of using an assistive device (A-lite vein locator) for visualization of veins among babies and children below the age of 5 years, especially those whose veins are barely visible or collapsed.

Dr Lubega and Dr Julius Mubiru discussing about the A-lite Vein Locator

Dr Lubega commended the team for the innovation and provided critical feedback to guide the team in developing the device. He agreed that the process of cannulation in babies is difficult and expressed a great need for an assistive device to aid this process.

“The procedure is difficult for all cadres of practitioners.” _Dr Lubega.