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3rd Generation Prototype

Our innovation delivers a unique and innovative vein imaging technique that increases first needle success while costing a fraction of other similar products.

2nd Generation Prototype

In order to ensure safe intravenous cannulation to these children, assistive biomedical devices are necessary, but existing interventions are generally not well positioned for the context and situation at hospitals in low resource settings.

Vein-Locator Background

From our clinical site visit at Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital, we realised that improving the safety of intravenous cannulation among patients requiring emergency care is a big challenge that has been neglected.

A-Lite Vein Locator" >


A-lite vein locator is a low cost, non-invasive lightweight blood vessel illuminator designed to alleviate the Clinician’s work burden associated with finding a proper vein during peripheral intravenous cannulation among children with barely visible or palpable veins.


  • Reduces number of needle insertion

  • Reduces material waste

  • Increase first needle success rate

  • Reduces clinical work load

  • Reduces tissue trauma

  • Result in better clinical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction


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