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Welcome to A-Lite Uganda

Welcome to A-Lite Uganda

Innovations to improve people’s lives is all we care about

Specialist Consultation

Specialist Consultation

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A-Lite Vein Locator

A-Lite Vein Locator

Happy patients = Happy children = Happy caretakers! 

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3rd Generation Prototype

Our innovation delivers a unique and innovative vein imaging technique that increases first needle success while costing a fraction of other similar products.

2nd Generation Prototype

In order to ensure safe intravenous cannulation to these children, assistive biomedical devices are necessary, but existing interventions are generally not well positioned for the context and situation at hospitals in low resource settings.

Vein-Locator Background

From our clinical site visit at Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital, we realised that improving the safety of intravenous cannulation among patients requiring emergency care is a big challenge that has been neglected.

A-Lite Vein Locator


The A-lite vein locator is a non-invasive lightweight device that illuminates blood in veins to enable clinicians to insert cannulas with high accuracy and minimal failed insertion attempts.

This device is designed to be used on pediatric patients whose veins are especially difficult for clinicians to palpate. This device therefore saves critical treatment time and reduced the pain associated with finding and inserting a canula in a proper vein. Moreover, minimizing the number of insertion attempts reduces the risk of clinical complications such as hemorrhage due to unintended tissue trauma.

More About Us

About 20% of patients experience mild to an intense fear of needles which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and triggers vasoconstriction and vasovagal reactions, making an I.V. start more difficult in these patients.

Robert Ruhangariyo

Laboratory Technician (Microbiology)
School of Health Sciences, Soroti University.

If this product goes through the clinical trials, it will be a win for the community.

Venant Sindayigaya

C.E.O & President
Crest Language Services

“Nurse, I hope you’re good at this; they always have trouble with my veins.”
This is the last thing you want to hear when you approach a patient to insert a peripheral intravenous (IV) catheter, but it’s an all-too-common complaint.

Jean Pierre

Clinical Lead
Odessy Pharmacy

Venous access among children is difficult for all cadres of practitioners.

Dr. Lubega Robert

Alexandra Medical Center

The progress you all have been able to make is truly inspiring, and I look forward to seeing the impact this company is able to make moving forward.

Frank Santo

Senior Manager, Operations
Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech)




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